VMWare Workstation Guest VM is Locked and Suspended

Windows guest BSOD (found out it was blue sceening by viewing the 'vmware.log' file in the VMs folder) and then couldn't take ownership of the VM. I tried to suspend it (that was before I knew it was BSOD'ed) and then after that I closed Workstation and then opened back up and still was unable to get the VM to start.

Was using VMware Workstation in Linux (Linux was my Host)


  1. Close VMware Workstation.
  2. Locate the virtual machine's folder
  3. Locate the files/folders with the extension '.vmss' and '.lck', and move to temporary location (in case of further issues(deleting is sometimes not a good idea)).
  4. Note the '.vmss' file's complete name. Now find the other file that has the same exact file name but the extension is '.vmem'
    • Ex from my case:
      • win-7-ult-x64_main-48c1f004.vmem
  5. Move the '.vmem' (from step 4) to the same temporary location as step 3
  6. Reboot your host machine/computer.

That was a close one... glad I didn't have to use my backups from a few day earlier... Cause I had made a lot of changes since then(which is probably what caused my VM to BSOD).

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